Fetching a Lister Startomatic Engine for a Renewable Heat and Power System.
Another view of the AAAAt last the engine was at the top of the 6 steps, only A
The picture shows the 6hp/2.5kW Lister
Startomatic generator set from the 1950s.

This was a very neat, home installation in
the Lake District. This gen-set has now
been decommissioned and transported to
my home in the South East where it now
will form the backbone of my combined
heat and power system.

The Startomatics are much sought after
because of their self starting, and the
heavy flywheels that help to produce
smooth electrical power.  When first
introduced in the late 1930s they were
the ideal solution for remote properties
that had no mains electricity.
In June 2006, I was offered a 6hp Lister Startomatic engine at a very good price.  It was a no-brainer, I just had
to have it, even though it meant a 5 hour trip up to the Lake District in order to decommission it from the
semi-underground shed where it was installed.

I travelled up with fellow Lister enthusiast Paul Compton, and arrived at the south end of Lake Windermere
about noon, on one of the hottest days of the year.

What faced us was a very neat Startomatic installation, but unfortunately the shed entrance was at the bottom of
a narrow flight of 6 steps.

Undaunted we set about getting the engine crane down into the shed, and having seen the engine run in-situ, we
stripped it down into engine, alternator and base so that each piece could be hauled from out of the "cellar". I
hope this pictures from Paul, convey some of the challenges we faced on what was a very eventful, fun day.
16th March.  

Back on home territory. The 500kg engine is craned off the engine trailer  and
onto the awaiting transport trolley.

The new concrete path to the shed and big wheeled trolley made moving it very
The  1953 Startomatic engine is put into the engine shed on the trolley,  it's  temporary
home until building work is finished and it will then be mounted  on the new engine base.

Behind it is the Austrian 16kW "Windhager" wood burning boiler. That's a later project!
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Ken Boak can be contacted by email by anyone wishing further information on this project.

Since starting on this Lister project, several other Lister engine enthusiasts and their CS
engines have come to my notice.  These links describe a few of them.  We have recently started
Lister CS Owners Group, contactable via Yahoo Groups
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After hauling this 500kg engine
up a flight of 6 steps from its
sub-terranean engine shed, we
were faced with a narrow
pathway with just 2" clearance
on either side of the flywheels.

A ratchet winch, anchored to the
tow ball of Paul's car allowed us
to inch the engine towards the
June 2006.
At last the engine was at the top of the 6 steps.  Only 15 metres of narrow passage way to negotiate....
Finally, after 6 hours of heaving, the engine was loaded onto the Lister trailer,
ready for it's 300 mile journey back to south of London.